In the summer of 1996, Mike Powell, Jim Stringer, Carlos Hernandez, Larry Turbeville, Thomas Fisher, and Donald Stringer formed FLORIDA RESEARCH AND RECOVERY GROUP to locate and recover precious metals and gemstones. Louis Rogers joined the group in August of 2000.

We would like to extend our special thanks to Mrs. Shirley Turbeville, Larry Turbeville's wife, for all the hours of hard work. Shirley you've been an asset to our group!

Two years and several hundred thousand dollars later, it became obvious that off the shelf equipment wasn't going to get the job done. FRRG has since applied leading-edge concepts in seismology and global positioning to design and develop mobile electronic location equipment that is accurate, reliable, and material-specific.

By late 2006 to 2007 the mission will be completed, and a new adventure will begin. (Jim Stringer)

Welcome John Popin and Steve Van Meter!

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