"Our East Coast work has paid off. One of our first wreck sites is in Melbourne Beach, Florida, and soon we'll be working on 3 new sites. FRRG will be the first to find 3 sites in one year. We have already confirmed one site with magtometer work and underwater photography. This site is over a 20 mile radius out at sea, but only in 85 feet of water. By early 2006 we will begin this project, as well as continue working on the Melbourne Beach site." (Jim Stringer)

Florida Research and Recovery Group is organized and equipped to conduct both land and sea operations. Running double-blind tests, FRRG has demonstrated the ability to successfully locate large items (shipwrecks) at distances of 106 miles. On land, the equipment has greater sensitivity due to antenna and receiver design. Equipment operation is currently restricted to FRRG personnel, both because of training experience required and because of the extremely high operating voltages involved. An interesting element in FRRG's operation is a unique antenna system, designed and developed by Larry Turbeville. This antenna system can distinguish between gold, iron. silver, emeralds and diamonds. Actually, almost anything!!

On land, no obstacle is too great to cross, no terrain impossible to negotiate. We organize the search, provide the equipment to get to the search area, and do it. We are prepared and equipped to go anywhere and once we're on site we stay in the field until the target is located, identified, and recovery is either completed or a recovery plan is defined. If you can drive over it, float on it, and dig it up, we're there.

Florida Research and Recovery worked in the Gulf of Mexico, out of Gasparilla Marina, about 30 miles south of Sarasota. We had 3 sites that we investigated. One is 5 ½ miles out and another one is 9 ½ miles out ant the third one is 14 miles out.

We were in the Gulf of Mexico until the end of March 2001, then our searches took us to the east coast to continue our work of Research and Recovery.

We had designed new equipment that was finished in May 2001, and we truly are entering the 21st Century with this new technology.

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